Rebound leopard camp Jawai

Rebound leopard camp Jawai

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  • Rebound leopard camp jawai  Stay is a beautifully appointed small hotel ideally located near the exotic  Jawai Dam. It has 10 luxury family rooms, 2 deluxe rooms and a fully equipped tent room. . You will get a panoramic view of  Jawai dam and it is surrounded by Jawai Hills and Nature. It has a huge garden where one can play outdoor sports, It has a garden restaurant surrounded by flora and fauna.

    It is a small villa that is run and maintained by the owner, Mr C.s   Rathore. One can spend their holidays in peace and around nature, No much pubic interference like in other stays. 
    You will feel at home staying away from your home. The food here is also a key point for you; You can have customized food by your choice prepared by our experienced chef, People can pick organic vegetables of their choice from our kitchen garden. You can enjoy music, bonfire
    & Barbeque with no interruption. Swimming pool and outdoor activities can be done here like Trekking, Jeep safari, Leopard safari, Bird watching, Village safari etc.

    Rebound leopard camp Jawai  offers some the most thrilling, authentic and unique ways to encounter the wilderness and wildlife and immerse in the local culture of the region.

    Leopards here are the biggest predictors living in Jawai hills from years in and peaceful manner along with humans etc.

    Jeep safari is the most exciting activity in Jawai. Enjoy safari in open jeep which will take you to high terrain of Jawai hills.

    Jawai is full of biodiversity, one can spot many species of birds including migratory birds.

    Rooms is our latest addition and redefines luxury in the wilderness. With unrivaled privacy, a private heated swimming pool, your own private butler, a private jeep for wilderness, game drives and spectacular views of JAWAI’s dramatic, granite hills, it doesn’t get more spoiling than this. Perfect for families wanting that extra bit of space and privacy, the suite comes with its own private dining area. There are five luxury family Rooms.
    Stand on a platform and provide a beautiful porch with enough sitting area.

    Address :- Jawai Dam  to Bera Road, Sumerpur, Rajasthan 306126
    Mob:- 9602823287

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